Guess the Emoji Answers and Cheats

Since you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’re in need of help with Guess the Emoji. Worry no more because this site has all the answers to Guess the Emoji for you! For all answers to the different levels of the game check out the Guess The Emoji Cheats.


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Guess The Emoji Level 31-40 Answers   Guess The Emoji Level 41-50 Answers   Guess The Emoji Level 51-60 Answers   

Guess The Emoji Level 61-70 Answers   Guess The Emoji Level 71-80 Answers   Guess The Emoji Level 81-9 Answers   

Guess The Emoji Level 91-100 Answers   


The Gameplay

Guess the Emoji is a picture trivia based game for Android and iOS. It is developed by Conversion on iTunes and Random Logic Games on Google Play. Guess the Emoji is perfect for gamers who love both Emoji icons and trivia games. The simple yet addicting game tests your logic and reasoning skills in solving ‘simple’ Emoji puzzles.

In each level, you will be given different sets composed of one to four Emojis. The challenge is to find out what they are trying to convey. If you take them as a whole, these Emojis represent an idea, phrase, word, or a name.

The answers to Guess the Emoji may come from various categories like TV Shows, Music, Movies, Food & Drinks, Video Games, Celebrities, Technology, Character, etc.


Getting Through with Guess the Emoji Cheats

Coming up with Guess the Emoji answers is not always easy. Several times (or maybe even most of the time) you will find yourself stuck in a certain level. The game can be challenging especially when you are not too familiar with Emojis. This is definitely frustrating. Sometimes it can even drive you insane! Fortunately, we have Guess the Emoji cheats for you. Or if you want to go the traditional in-app way, the game offers you many different ways to get through. You can use in-game coins to get a hint on any level; using 15 coins either reveals a letter or removes the unnecessary letters while 30 coins skip a level. Another option is to ask your friends for help through Twitter or Facebook.

Sure the game provides options to help you get through the levels but let’s be honest, using coins to reveal the answers or to skip a level is so lame. And what if you don’t have enough coins? In-app purchases are so 2000 and late. Not to mention the fact that it can be a waste of money. And asking your friends over social media? Don’t you just hate it when you get game invitations on Facebook or Twitter? Admit it. So why bother?

The bottom line is; why bother with in-app cheats when we have all the Guess the Emoji answers to your burning questions? Here you will find the cheats that are necessary to get you through the next level minus the shame of bothering your social media friends and wasting your ‘coins’ (in the game and in real life)!

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